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March 30, 2011

298. anniversary mocha

Kristine in Central Oklahoma. 

Back in the archives of coffee|served daily, Kristine kicked off our Valentine’s Day Coffee Loveapalooza (seems so long ago) by describing falling in love with her husband-to-be over a very special cup of coffee (coffee cup number 122). They got married and just celebrated their second anniversary with this coffee.

“It’s our 2-year wedding anniversary and we just spent today out and about. Did some shopping, browsing, and had some Korean food, dessert, and coffee. I had an iced cafe mocha ♥ it tasted so good on a warm sunny day. I wish everyday was like this!”

You can get a twofer of Kristine (website and blog) at  Blue Elephant Photography, plus her inspired Flickr photostream.

February 4, 2011

93. that mocha looks great on you

Elle is still drinking coffee with her friends at Valentina’s in Grass Valley CA. These were such a treat that I had to post all four at once. It’s Friday afternoon, so why not live dangerously? (Oh, and no jokes about how if my idea of living dangerously is posting four photos at a time, rather than two, means I have no life…I already knew that!)

January 15, 2011

37. london with an “o”

From my friend Nicole.  “My morning mocha in my London Starbucks mug. Yummm.” Yup, yummm.  Good morning.