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July 20, 2011

coffee break | a short detour to pinterest coffee love

Thought I’d take you on a quick detour between coffee cup 550 and 551. If you are seeking yet another distraction from real life, look no further than Pinterest, my friend.  Pinterest is an online inspiration board…you can create boards from other folks’ pins, or pin anything from the internet. I am sure there are lofty and important ways to use Pinterest, but so far, I just wander about looking for things that make me gasp, laugh or swoon. My boards are here. You should come play, really you should. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite coffee love pins.

From The White Daisies.

From Standard Design on Etsy.

Via Collected Thread.

There’s more…but we’ll save that for another day. Can I warm up your cup? See you tomorrow.

March 8, 2011

222. my heart is in oregon

Tonya Russ Price, Charlotte, NC.

“The now-defunct Crowsenberg’s Half & Half in Portland.  Last year my sister and I went on a journey to Portland and Seattle. We walked this great little coffee place the night before, and I  pressed my face against the window, demanding we go back
the next day.”

More of Tonya at Poprock Photography (weddings)  and Biscuit Fan Club (food).

February 7, 2011

coffee break number four | the mocha lisa

Since we’re on the subject of coffee art, I offer the Mocha Lisa, a 3,604-cup masterpiece created during The Rocks Aroma Festival, in Sydney, Australia. Just a short break between coffee cups 100 and 101.  Via Oddity Central and Lanamaniac.

January 29, 2011

coffee break number three

Karen of Coffee Creations paints with espresso. And sometimes beer. And since I love the Tour de France almost as much as I love coffee, I thought this piece would be the perfect coffee break between cups 75 and 76.

January 16, 2011

42. four by one

From April, in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been following her photos and art for a year now. Her Etsy shop is Creative Apples Photography (where these four paintings are for sale, just in case you were hoping). Her Flickr page is here and her blog is here. I’ll meet you there for a cup.