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February 12, 2011

118. coffee peeking

Let’s spend the afternoon with Christine in China, shall we? Except that this is a morning photo…so perhaps the whole day is a better idea. I promise you will enjoy a trip to her blog at Homemade in China.

“Is there any time of day when a cup of coffee is more wonderful than in the morning? I love the feel of “stealing up on” my mug during one of her quieter moments.”

February 12, 2011

117. delight for my lips

I hope you’re in the mood for a little more coffee from China. Another delightful cup from Christine at Homemade in China.

From a sweet little cafe down in the Old part of our city. It’s full of light and jars full of beans… and the aroma of roasting from the back room. I went there with a friend where we talked and took pictures in equal excitement.”

February 11, 2011

115. october colors

I can smell this picture, I swear I can. From the talented (and tasteful) Christine, blogging in China about family, food and faith. For more, visit Homemade in China and Flickr.

February 11, 2011

113. stargazing

West meets east at Starbucks in China. From Christine, who blogs at Homemade in China. Don’t stray, there’s more to come from her. Christine’s Flickr photostream isĀ  here.