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July 11, 2011

536. coffee at crepeville

Reina, Davis, CA.

Morning latte at Crepeville, in Downtown Davis.  Perfect.

Reina is a UC Davis grad student. I’ve been enjoying her close up magic for a year, and lucky for me (us), she’s also a coffee lover. Her Flickr page here.

April 28, 2011

368. coffee in cameroon

Reina, Davis CA.

“I took this breakfast photo a while back while doing my dissertation research in Cameroon. It’s not the best photo, but do you have any African coffee yet? I think this cup was actually brewed, but most coffee there is Nescafe instant – boy was I happy to get back to Common Grounds here in Davis!!”

I met Reina through her Flickr photos, but today I am meeting her in real life. For coffee, of course!

April 12, 2011

326. homemade in berlin

Quinn Pendleton, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

“These are taken in my best friend’s apartment in Berlin. We used to dance together in the Staatsballett, and this morning she had to go to rehearsal but I stayed at home to have a leisurely breakfast and coffee! Her apartment is very full and cluttered, but the sunlight was shining through the window (a rare moment for Berlin) and so I had to take advantage and pose my freshly brewed cup.”

Quinn is a dancer living in Monaco and blogs about her travels and life as a dancer with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo here.

April 6, 2011

313. green, eggs, and coffee

Brooke Appler, Oakland CA. At Cafe 504.

My alternative title for this was “The Green Party.” Heh.

Brooke’s illustration blog Miss U, Love U, and her Etsy shop is Team Blue Bicycle. And of course, her Flickr photostream is here and her portfolio here. You can find her and her bike, Homer, at any of Oakland’s fabulous coffee shops. She’s the one sketching in the corner.

March 20, 2011

264. cafe fanny

Brooke Appler, Oakland, CA.

Cafe Fanny by Alice Waters, named for her daughter. Famous for the granola, but I would go for the lattes in bowls.

Brooke is an artist, bicycle camper, and coffee chronicler. Chase her down at her illustration blog Miss U, Love U, and her Etsy shop Team Blue Bicycle.

March 17, 2011

254. vermont coffee

Lana (aka Lanamaniac), NYC. “One of the best trips we ever took was to Vermont. We stayed at the amazing Green Mountain Inn one night and had their delish breakfast.”

For more Lana, check in on her Flickr photostream and her blog. Delish all the way.

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March 8, 2011

220. new orleans

Tonya Russ Price, Charlotte, NC.

“New Orleans… this is a beautiful neighborhood restaurant, Surry’s Café and Juice Bar, in a cute little house. Hipster waiters, great food, and coffee!!!  The cure for a tourist night on Bourbon St.”

Oh, I am still recovering from one of those tourist nights, about fifteen years ago. Epic and slightly embarrassing. Thanks for the memories, Tonya.

More of Tonya at Poprock Photography (weddings)  and Biscuit Fan Club (food).

March 3, 2011

204. just follow the light

And coffee will be waiting for you. Good morning my friends.

March 1, 2011

195. waffling

From the other Kim, who blogs (beautifully, if I might say so) at Mosey Along. “I was at the San Rafael Farmer’s Market this morning all by my blissful lonesome.  Here’s how I treated myself after getting all my produce.”

Bliss, yes.

Kim is also part of the Mortal Muses. If you need a reason to linger over your coffee just a little longer, pay a visit.

February 28, 2011

192. monday get up and go

Some days require a little extra push, eh?