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February 14, 2011

135. for the love of coffee } chapter 14

Join us for a coffee loveapalooza today…fabulous photos of heartfelt coffee served every half hour. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Soft Molasses Love. From Bernadette, Orange County, CA. Bernadette bakes and blogs at Vertigo B.

February 6, 2011

97. coffee and lemon love

Brewed, baked and photographed by Bernadette of Vertigo B. And here’s the story to go with them:

“When my brother and I were young (and sometimes even now), my mother would get us “boo boo presents.” It could be anything (stuffed animal, toy, stickers, etc.). The idea was that maybe you just needed a little something special to make you feel a little better.

Today my mother is having her second surgery, so this morning I made her these Lemon Love Buns (is that not the best name EVER?!). They are heart-shaped, flecked with lemon zest and covered with sparkling sugar. Perfect with a hot, dainty  cup of Joe.

When my Mom gets home from the hospital, these will be waiting.”