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March 19, 2011

260. avery baby loves his latte

Christine Hanson, Oakland, CA. Avery is becoming a coffee|served daily regular (this is his third appearance). We think he’s something special…in fact, we might even love him more than coffee. He belongs to Christine and Christopher, or Tine and Topher as those of us who are easily confused, refer to them. Follow along here.

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March 11, 2011

231. sweet baby avery

Brooke Appler, Oakland CA.  Baby Avery at Subrosa in Oakland.

I believe Brooke and I both consider ourselves honorary aunties to this sweet boy. He’s the son of Steve’s cousin, Chris, and his fabulous wife, Christine (who was Brooke’s first roommate in California). We both get to join Avery’s circle of love, and we will make sure he appreciates the importance of great coffee (not for a few years, of course).

By the way, this is Baby Avery’s second appearance on coffee|served daily. He was also featured in coffee cup number 60, but he was probably too young to remember.

Brooke is an artist, bicycle camper, and coffee chronicler. Check out her illustration blog Miss U, Love U, and her Etsy shop Team Blue Bicycle.

January 24, 2011

60. coffee with baby avery

Baby A is eleven days old. The coffee is fresh. Well, I guess eleven days for a person is pretty fresh, too.

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