seriously, who drinks this much coffee?

My name is Kim, and I love coffee, blogging, my insanely creative friends and my delightfully-entertaining family. I also love small, everyday joys. So a blog documenting 1000 cups of coffee, with contributions by my friends (new, old, real-life, and internet-life) seemed to make perfect sense.

I live in Davis, California,Β  with my husband Steve, teenage daughter, Alex, and oh-so-earnest dog, Toby. My oldest daughter, Kate, lives in Vancouver BC, where the coffee is just a little more interesting.

Steve and I own a graphic design studio, Tackett+Barbaria, where I drink one-third of my daily allowance. I also keep a design blog called re:design. I tweet occasionally and am on Facebook more than is healthy. Despite outward appearances, I also have a real life. Oh, and I keep a personal blog, Kim’s Tour of No Regrets (perhaps now rethinking that declaration of a real life).

I prefer my coffee caffeinated (because what’s the point of decaf?) and am partial to Peet’s Major Dickasons. My coffee house drink is cappuccino dry, and I always appreciate tastefully-decorated foam and a window seat.


23 Comments to “seriously, who drinks this much coffee?”

  1. hi Kim, great blog… love all the coffee. -Kim

  2. I love everything about this blog, thank for being. Also… something about it makes me wanna drink a cup of coffee.

  3. coffee is my waking thought, my 10:00 a.m. thought, 1:00 p.m. thought. and from there things become blurry. i. love. coffee. my cup is empty now, so i suppose i’ll have to take care of this monkey on my back.

  4. Sweet nectar of life, that’s what I call it! My drink of choice is a mocha, but plain coffee is a daily desire as well. Your blog is a great idea!

  5. Great blog and really inspiring idea! πŸ™‚

  6. Love your site! I also love dry cappuccino and the window seat:) My favorite experience was in China, when in the only credible coffee place (Starbucks of course), and trying to order a Cappuccino, and the barista replied, “Yessah, One COW-Chino!” It was so funny, now my boyfriend and I always refer to it as a CowChino:P

  7. Love the ideΓ  of this Blog! Coffee is on my must-have-several-times-a-day list πŸ™‚

  8. Oh how I love this blog! So brilliant . . . and delicious! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi,
    I didn’t know where to contact you with this so here it is:
    I couldn’t not include your blogs in my nominations for Versatile Blogger. If you go to this link:
    you will see my blog from yesterday and if you will click on the laws link within the post, you will see what the award entails. There is no great hurry. I waited a week to do my random facts and listed five nominees for now. I may only have another five. I think the point is to spread around the blogs we think others might enjoy.

    There is a badge is for you to display if you wish. I am dreadful with technology, but one of my other nominees was able to get it on her blog when I emailed her the image. Let me know if you would like me to send it along. And, thank you for keeping the coffee out there. Hopefully this will bring a few more customers to the table.
    Margo Roby

  10. congrats with #674. So what happens after you get your #1000 cup?


  11. just found you on FP, Congrats!! I love coffee and drink way too much really. I had a friend come from Portland to visit me – I’m in Australia – and she bought a bag of Peets for me. Oh my, divine!! You might even get a pic from me sometime πŸ™‚

  12. hi Kim πŸ™‚ My name is Kimashita, and I love coffe so much like you. you have a great blog, delicious and i love it πŸ™‚ kim, you really inspiring me, thanks πŸ™‚

  13. love the description at the end. πŸ˜‰ hi, Kim! congrats on your 1000 cups. way to go… πŸ™‚

  14. What the heck IS the point of decaf?! As a former barista, I truly appreciated and love your blog!

  15. Great blog! I am just so bummed that I found it after the completion of the project. 😦 I would have loved to have contributed and joined your coffee community!

  16. Love this blog– like others, so disappointed to have missed 1000 cups of fun! Will definitely keep checking in, though– maybe if enough of us applaud wildly, there will be a small encore? (Major Dickasons blend is high on my list, too– brewed in a stovetop espresso pot and served with a small shot of milk.)

  17. I LOVE COFFEE!! I saw your site and just got soooo excited! lol! I can’t wait to see more coffee themed awesome posts! Keep it up πŸ˜€

  18. Your blog feels just like clutching a hot cappuccino in a comfy seat in a warm coffee shop next to a slightly drafty window. Wish I could have followed your 1000 cups!

  19. You won me over with “I prefer my coffee caffeinated (because what’s the point of decaf?)”
    I’m just a little disappointed I only got to see this blog when the whole thing was done. Wish I could have contributed somehow, or at least experienced the whole thing as it grew. Nonetheless, I’m glad I found your blog.

    • Come over and play at I am still doing coffee over there, and have just started a set of “pairings” where I pair a graphic image with a cup of coffee. If you send me your coffee, I’ll bet I can find a great image to go with it. Somehow I can’t quite give it up! Thanks for stopping by!

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