join me for a cup

I would love to add your photo to the collection, because 1000 cups is a lot of coffee, even for someone like me. Send me your photo (s)…iPhone, smart phone, fancy camera…gosh, I’d even love a drawing, if that’s your style. I’ll add any info you’d like to add (headline, copy, links, credits). If  you want to send the photo only, that’s great, too. Can’t wait to see what you’re drinking.

Send your coffee photo to, along with any credit info and links.

Help us celebrate our 500th cup of coffee, coming mid-June (perhaps) with a cacophony of phone photos (iPhone, Smart Phone, any phone). Hoping to post at least 50, and mark #500 with a collage of all. Grab your coffee and your phone, and send me what ever grabs you. Soon! And thanks!


21 Responses to “join me for a cup”

  1. What a fabulous site. I don’t even remember how I found you, but I will stay with you. I am not a photographer but I feel I now have a mission! When I have a photo to send, you will have it.

  2. Very cool site. I’ll be sending something….cheers.

  3. Very cool site. I’ll be back and will keep tabs on twitter. I’ll have to break out the camera….cheers.

  4. love coffee,love this site. I will keep visiting. Ciao

  5. I’m really fasicinated by the loads and loads of pictures of coffee here, I’ll like to subscribe if possible XD

  6. NIce! It is a very interesting perspective for a blog. Love the way you write. You’ll get a “fancy camera” picture from me soon. Now I need a cup of coffee.

  7. Wow! This is such a fun idea. Now I am thinking about photographing coffee cups. Who knew?

  8. what a great blog! love coffee, love photography and love design…. I may just send you a photo of a cup soon! Sal

  9. i love coffee too! very nice blog indeed!

  10. Hey this is new (for me though)!
    Gladly put this on my bookmarks and follow on twitter, love to see everyday different cup.
    I’ll crab my phone and lookk if there is any pic to share 🙂

  11. I just found your site!! I love coffee and this is such a cool and wonderful place. Love it!
    I love photography and taking pictures… I’ll definitely be sending something!

  12. I had an idea to document all of my coffee cups next year, and looking for inspiration on the interwebz I found you. And oh my, am I glad! This is PARADISE! I loooove the blog, the idea, everything! Thank you for sharing this with others, I will be sending in something as well 🙂

  13. Great blog! I’ll be sending a photo for sure! Coffee and holiday cookies. Can’t get much better!

  14. LOVE a good coffee blog almost as much as i love good coffee!! here is a link to some coffee thoughts and illos on my blog AND a link to illustrated coffee drinks and recipes on our site “They Draw & Cook”….✓&keyword=&tag_names%5B%5D=Coffee

  15. very interesting blog; read also how to treat migraine with coffee and lemon juice in my blog; Ciao, Domenico

  16. Darn, just found this post and I have a number of pictures of coffee in cups, mugs I could have sent. Let me know if you ever need anymore in the future!

  17. Would love to send you some pictures of coffee from Pakistan,whenever you want in the future!

  18. Hi. I totally love this site. I’m so glad I scrolled through pages of “Freshly Pressed” to find this. Is it too late to be counted among the Contributors of Caffeinated Inspiration? I wrote a novel-slash-coffee-table-book about coffee drinkers in 2010, called The Espresso Effect ( and it is illustrated by a coffee painter named Sunshine Plata ( and it has had a decent reception here in Philippines. It contains photos capturing the coffee drinking culture in this country too. I would like to send you a free copy and would just be honored if you would read it. My email is in this comment; if you would take me up on my offer you can contact me there. 🙂 Stay inspired and blessed!


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