contributors of caffeinated inspiration

While I suspect it would be possible to drink 1000 cups of coffee, I am certain it wouldn’t be wise, or as much fun, without these folks:

Coffee cup number 9 and 501. Alix (aka Merlin), one of my dearest friends, now residing in Portland. She’s the lovely redhead…I am the gray one. I distinctly remember drinking coffee with her in a diner in Dunnigan, CA, and about 1000 other cups over the past 33 years.

Number 13, 127 and 296. Mary is the mother of five girls and goes by Cinco Mom on Flicker. Check out her photos here.

Number 14. Laura Ruth Photography.

Numbers 15 81, 82 and 89, 952, 953, 954. Tammy Lee Bradley, Flickr friend and main muse of the photo site, Mortal Muses. You can also find her  at and

Numbers 16, 27 , 30 ,71 , 142, 146,185, 327, 351, 352, 353, 368, 398, 399, 428, 661, 883888, 893. Reina, Goddess of the Macro…that’s not really her title, but her first name is Reina, and she’s a UC Davis grad student.  Her Flickr page is here.

Numbers 17, 18,19,145, 225. 567 and 603. Kevin Cahill, husband of Chip, talented designer, fantastic cook and lifelong friend. Steinback Mountain (near Monterey) and Palm Springs, CA.

Chip Lenno, gave us Number 140, which coincidentally (or perhaps not) of Kevin.

Numbers 20, 44, 176,177, 239, 386, 418, 574. 575, 589, 640, 642, 669, 692, 929, 930.Kathleen Fitzgerald, Eugene, OR. Kathleen, in addition to being a neurologist, artist, appreciator of nature and weekend contra dancer, raised (along with Robert) Brendan, my daughter’s beau.

Number 22 , 160 , 744, 771. Brendan Albano, Vancouver, BC. Coincidentally, the beau. Also, a pretty intriguing artist and sharpener of knives (he’s also a fire eater, ballroom dancer and from what I hear, a killer Scrabble player. Brendan’s website is here.

Numbers 24, 25 , 31 ,195, 758, 881. Kim of Mosey Along. Kim is a Bay Area blogger and member of the Mortal Muses. She is also a lover of coffee, photography and expressive feet. Check out her blog, mosey along.

Number 29. Brian Morel’s Flickr stream is here.

Number 33. Dave Webb. Davis CA.

Numbers 34 ,75, 126, 255, 262 ,586, 875, 876, 877, 878, 879, 880. Amy Bramer of the blog, Lucky Number 13. She’s in Central Illinois.

Number 36. Tracy Harris, real life friend. Surfer, cyclist, dad, smart guy, idea generator and lover of good coffee.

Number 37. My friend, Nicole Isaacson. Actually, I have only met her twice, but one of those times we were walking a 1/2 marathon together.

Number 40. Lark Coryell, who I met as the color/production goddess of Intel She also sings with Solstice in the Bay Area.

Number 41 and 367. Christy lives in NYC and blogs at Urban Muser and Mortal Muses.

Numbers 42 , 45, 54, 73, 74, 129,130 and 184. April Bern, Chicago, Illinois. Her Etsy shop is here, her Flickr page is here, and her blog is here.

Numbers 48 , 51 , 78 , 97, 135, 174 ,203 and 436. Bernadette, Orange County, CA and blogs at  Vertigo B.

Numbers 49, 50, 67 , 68 ,84, 120, 121, 128, 133, 139, 153, 155 ,173, 253, 254, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 361 , 526, 939, 940, 941. Lana V, aka Lanamaniac from New York City. Check out  her work on her Flickr photostream and on her blog.

Number 56. Diane Knorr, Sacramento CA.

Number 59. Louise Upchurch is in the UK, near Surrey and blogs at

Numbers 61, 62, 63, 77, 182, 183, 389,390 and 598. Leslie Flores, San Francisco CA. Leslie is a dear college friend, mother of two delightful and creative daughters, a wonderful photographer and artist, and a fabulous cook. She’s also married to Mark Ulriksen, who is a way cool illustrator and passionate Giants fan.  Leslie makes some great wallets and other goodies from Mark’s work…check it out here.

Number 64 156, 698. Craig Jenkins, Austin, Texas. Craig was one of my best friends when I was growing up in Orange County, California. He now lives in Austin, Texas where he listens to a pretty eclectic mix of music, blogs and drinks really strong coffee.

Numbers 65 , 66 and 158. Dianne Van de Carr is a glass artist from Sacramento CA.  Her studio is Confusion Glass, and her work is inventive, whimsical and beautiful.

Numbers 70 and 150. Kim Hinds is a photographer, blogger and coffee fan in Texas, where I presume the coffee is just a little bigger and bolder.  Check out her blog, Kim Hinds Photography.

Number 72. Jegoble is a Flickr contact, and a CPA in Arkansas. His Flickr photostream is here.

Numbers 83 , 282, 293, 302, 671. James Hague, Champaign, Illinois.  You can check out James’s Flickr stream here.

Numbers 86,87, 971. Trenton DuVal. Oakland, Los Angeles, on the road, on a boat…generally leading a life of curiosity, investigation and intention. His blog is No Hay Camino.

Numbers 91, 92, 93, 94, 388 and 609. Elle Mansfield, Nevada City CA.  Elle’s company is Mansfield Ink,  and her fashion blog is Elle Ink.

Numbers 95, 96, 124,125,181, 562,563, 619 , 620, 789,  790, 791, 792. Jade Keller, Thailand. Jade moved to Thailand last year and her website is Tasting Grace.

Numbers 98, 99, 100,108,122,215, 298, 299, 977, 978. Kristine of Blue Elephant Photography (website and blog) in Central Oklahoma. You can see even more of Kristine’s work on her Flickr photostream.

Numbers 102,103, 134, (and the coffee beart between 143 and the coffee break number four), 223, 359 and 360. Deirdre, aka SuperDewa, Hudson Valley, NY. Visit Deirdre’s Flickr Photostream and check out her blog, here.

Number 106, 243,244,568, 579 ,600, 626. From Jesse Sie, Singapore. Jesse’s blog is The Content Guy.

Number 107. Lyndsay blogs at Finding Joy In The Little Things and is drinking coffee with us in Manitoba, Canada.

Numbers 109, 116, 300 and 444.  Ann Burris, West Sacramento CA. Kayaker, nature guide, cyclist, new age grandma, cook,  gardener and Farmer’s Market blogger at Annie’s Pickns.

Numbers 110,123, 379,380,551, 983.Rob Keller, Tampa, Florida. Rob is a graphic designer and shows his Flicker photos here.

Numbers 113, 114, 115, 117,118, 147,148, 178,179 and 189. Christine,  who is  living in China and blogging about family, faith, food, and living in a foreign country. Her site is really, really interesting, so pay her a  visit at Homemade in China and Flickr.

For the Love of Coffee, Valentine’s Day, 2011. A coffee loveapalooza with 22 heartfelt photos of java loveNumbers 122-144. Thanks to these fine and fully-caffeinated folks for contributing: Kristine of Blue Elephant Photography, Rob Keller, Jade of Tasting Grace, Amy B. of Amy’s Lucky Number 13, Mary (aka Cinco Mom), Lana (aka Lanamaniac), April from Creative Apples, Brian from Dear Coffee, I Love You, Dierdre (aka SuperDewa), Bernadette of Vertigo B., Todd Stadler, Chip Lenno, and Reina. I love you more than coffee. Well, today I do for sure.

Numbers 131 and 132. Brian, founder of the blog Dear Coffee, I Love You. Brian is also a designer and proof that good coffee and good design belong together. DCILY also has a nice Facebook presence, here.

Number 136. Todd Stadler, Portland, Oregon. Todd’s Flickr photostream is here.

Number 149. Marty of Milton, Florida. Marty’s blog is Sam’s Family, and her Fickr photostream is here.

Number 154 , 618, 959. Steve Barbaria, Davis CA. I totally have a crush on this guy. In fact, I really do love him more than coffee. Which is handy, since he’s my husband. Steve is a talented dad and artist, as well as being an awesome business partner,  fabulous friend and life mate. His illustration work is here, and his design work is here.

Number 157. Tom Walker, NYC.  Tom has been a friend of our since the Chico days in the 70’s . He’s a world traveler, talented art director and designer, enthusiastic cook and entrepreneur, with two websites 122 Street Kitchen, and his own design site, here.

Number 159. Lisa Fischer, Columbia, Missouri. Her blog is Peripheral Perceptions.

Number 175. From Tschitshi in Copenhagen, blogging about the flavors of Denmark here.

Numbers 187 and 202. Elizabeth Salaam in San Diego. Elizabeth writes for the San Diego Reader and blogs at The Yuki Pages.

Number 190. From Katia Coltriani. Splitting her time, and her coffee between Minnesota and Italy.

Numbers 193, 194, 200, 429, 434 , 435, 684, 685. Julio Appling, Vancouver, WA. Julio is a musician/educator with an appreciation for good coffee and good music, and a blog to share both, Caffeinated Counterculture.

Number 196. Tracy Lee Cantello, Chico, CA. While her husband, Chris Cantello ( is the more well-known artist, Tracy is a fabulous crafter, softball and poker player. Beat that!

Number 197. Phillip Brown, Wollongong, Australia.

Numbers 198 and 199. Suzy Eynon, Seattle WA. Susie blogs at  Holding Hands with Strangers.

Number 201. Kris, San Francisco Bay Area. Kris blogs at A Suburban Life and has a Flickr page here.

Numbers 205, 224, 249, 257, 258,341, 397, 517,610,741, 890, 917 and 918. From Jussi Laitinen, Helsinki, Finland. Jussi is a home barista  and blogs (in Finnish) at nonsesopedia.

Numbers 206 and 207. Natalie, South Korea. Natalie and her best friend are teaching English to elementary students and having a great adventure. Join them at their blogs, emanation and life in color.

Number 208. Mina Cicconi, Toronto, Canada. Her photography website is here, her blog is here and Flickr photostream is here.

Number 209. Karl Vassallo, Malta. Karl write about Italian food and wine at eatmania.

Numbers 211, 212, 232, 233, 270275 (Roman Holiday series), 310, 311, 431, 438, 439, 505, 506, 507, 508,513, 519, 520, 530, 550 ,553,570, 572  573, 621, 622, 623, 651, 652, 653, 654, 655, 656, 686, 745,746, 747, 757. 783, 793, 847, 926, 927. Quinn Pendleton, Monaco. Quinn is a dancer living in Monaco and blogs about her travels and life as a dancer with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo here.

Numbers 213, 313, 328, 329, 330, 370, 432, 522 ,599, 689, 690, 691, 755, 759, 871, 872. Nicolle of Boyd’s Crazy Mama. Nicolle lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Number 216. Jeffrey Montalbano, Syracuse, NY. Jeffrey’s blog, Inside, is here.

Number 217. Azzi Muthy, United Kingdom.

Numbers 218, 219, 220, 221, 222, 235, 236, 237,238,241,252,306, 317, 318, 319, 342 , 375 (which is actually a 13 photo bonus pack), 377,  381, 383, 405,406, 449, 555 ,557, 580, 581, 582, 608, 704, 719-723 (Portugal series), 736, 737, 750, 751. 774, 775, 861, 870, 901-906 (Coffeemakers::The People),  928, 960, 986. Tonya Russ Price, Charlotte, NC. She is a wedding photographer with two blogs, Poprock Photography (weddings)  and Biscuit Fan Club (food).

Numbers 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 231,251 261, 264,265,268, 269, 276, 277, 313, 415, 416, 446, 511, 512 , 525 ,529, 543 , 607, 749, 782, 794, 889, 920, 964. Brooke Appler, Oakland CA.   Brooke’s illustration blog Miss U, Love U, and her Etsy shop is Team Blue Bicycle. And of course, her Flickr photostream is here and her  portfolio here.

Number 242. Kate Shorts, London UK. Kate blogs at Velvet and Tea.

Numbers 245 ,246, 247 and 248. Samir Balwani (aka Cafe Fanatic), NYC. Samir runs a coffee, tea, snack blog called the Cafe Fanatic.

Number 250. Hannah Gentiles, Nashville, TN. Check out her beautiful photography at her Etsy shop. Her Flickr photostream is here.

Number 256, 547 and 548. Judy Fletcher, Davis CA.

Number 259. Ewa Kuc, San Jose CA. Ewa blogs at

Number 260. Christine Hanson, Oakland CA. Christine is my cousin by two marriages (mine and hers). She blogs at Tine and Topher.

Number 267, 646, 647, 688,724, 726-730 (London Calling series), 78o, 862, 882, 913, 937, 946, 947, 969. Sally Mitchell, Cornwall, UK and Design Room Cornwall Ltd. Sally’s Project 365 blog is here.

Numbers 278, 279, 280 and 281. Mia, Sydney Australia. Mia iposts a new snowdome each day on her blog, A Dome A Day.

Number 284, 285, 286, 287,288, 297, 323, 324 and 502. Angela Hickman, Oahu, Hawaii.  Angela’s blog is Lattes and Wanderlust.

Number 289. Dima Matta, Beirut, Lebanon. Dima’s blog is Metaphorology.

Numbers 290, 291, 292, 305 and 448. Gordon Lazzarone, Sacramento CA. Gordy is a professional photographer, and a friend of ours. Check out his website here.

Numbers 303 and 304. Cynthia, aka The Coffee Queen. Cynthia blogs from Mountain House, CA at The Coffee Queen Keeps Busy.

Numbers 307, 308 and 309. Kieran Hamilton, Edinburgh, Scotland. Kieran’s photo blog is Sumpix. His Flickr photostream is here.

Numbers 314, 315, 316 and 385. Anna Guiles, Oakland CA. Anna is a student at Mills College with a coffee blog, The College Grind.

Number 322. Helen O. of  Birmingham, UK.  Helen is doing Project 365 (a photo a day) and blogs about it here.

Number 332, 968. Vonnie Madigan, Sacramento CA.

Number 333. Leanne, Charlotte, North Carolina. Leanne blogs at Cush31 and she’s also a Charlotte Roller Girl.

Numbers 347-350. Tim Holmes, San Leandro CA. Tim owns Zocalo Coffeehouse in the Bay area.

Numbers 357 and 358. Kathleen Apakupakul, New York.

Numbers 362, 363, 364, 365, 373, 374, 407,408, 409, 410, 515, 516, 540, 541, 544,549,556,569, 587,  588, 643, 672, 673, 707-719 , 818, 819, 820, 821. Coffee in Iceland series). Janine Graf, Redmond, WA. Janine runs the Flickr Group, Caffeine Nation. Her Flickr photostream is here and her photo Facebook page is here.  Janine also sells art prints here.

Numbers 371,372 and 387. Bill Tackett, Cypress CA. That’s my dad.

Number 378. Courtney, drinking coffee and blogging somewhere on the East Coast. Courtney’s blog is Coffee and Debussy.

Number 382. Stephanie Court, Sacramento CA. Catch Stephanie’s blog at Big Mario Life.

Numbers 394 and 395. Zlatka Boncheva, Bulgaria

Numbers 400, 401, 402 and 611. Sean Kline from Berkeley CA. Sean is a friend and a client. He’s the executive director of an organization close to my heart, Reach Global.

Number 413, 944. Pam Greer, Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. She has a two blogs, Sidewalk Shoes (cooking and wine pairing) and Sidewalk Shoes 365 (photography). Pam’s Flickr page is here.

Number 430, 638, 639,742, 743, 748 , 766- 770, 785, 827, 828, 894, 931, 932, 961, 962.Kate Barbaria, Vancouver, BC. Yes, THAT Kate Barbaria. My oldest daughter. She’s the best.

Number 437. Kathe Fain, Fort Bragg, CA. Kathe is one of our Chico college friends, still drinking good coffee after all these years.

Number 440, 441 and 442.  Danny Gutierrez, Oakland, CA. Danny is the proprietor of Engage Coffee.

Number 445. Diana Sudbeck,  South Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Numbers 447,514, 560 , 561, 733,734, 735.  Brigindo of North Carolina, and the blog Dirt and Rocks.

Numbers 450500. Chroma Cafe, curated by Kate Barbaria. Just a little something to celebrate coffee cup 500 (halfway people, that’s half way there!). Fifty  iPhone and smart phone (we are an equal opportunity coffee phone photography blog after all) photos from our caffeinated contributors. Kate agreed to be the guest curator, which feels all fancy shmancy. She lives in Vancouver, B.C. where she’s busy making stuff happen, especially art. Take a click over to Kickstarter to see her latest project, Mr. Boat-head’s Electrical Dreamship. Thanks to the Chroma Cafe contributors, and an extra special thanks to Kate (who is my daughter in her other life): James, Janine, Kate, Kim, Quinn, Bernadette, Jade, Kathleen, Brendan, Angela, Elle, Jessie, Nicolle, Jussi, Brigindo, Jade, Ken, Kim, Christy, Brooke, Tonya, Brigindo, Kathleen, Mia, and Jussi.

Numbers 509, 510,531,558, 559, 583,584, 585. 618, 693, 738, 777, 863, 891. Ken Newton, Nevada City, CA. Ken runs New Day Autism Foundation at

Number 523. Charlie McDonald, Edmonton, Canada. Charlie has a photography blog at

Number 532. Vicki Vandergriff, Davis, CA.

Number 552. Monica Lee, San Francisco, CA. Monica is one of our college friends. She’s a talented photographer and artist, and blogs as the Artful ReCrafter here.

Numbers 624, 641. Michelle Carter, Texas. I’ve been following Michelle for a few years, as a Flickr contact, and on her blog,  My So-Called Handmade Life.

Number 625. Jerry Piester, Sacramento CA.

Numbers 662, 772, 773, 912.  Melissa Zerofsky, Davis, CA.

Number 668. Jordan Groh, Ansan, South Korea.

Numbers 682, 683. Audrey, Singapore. Audrey’s photo and story blog is Love Heart Coffee.

Numbers 699-702 (Berlin series). Lenna, Prague, Czech Republic.  Lenna’s blog is VeganLenna.

Number 776. Veronica Moloney. Her photo blog is Life in Pictures.

Number 784. Mike Costello, Sacramento, CA.

Numbers 787, 795. Penny Sylvia, Sacramento, CA. Check out her website here and her blog here.

Numbers 798, 799. Alvaro Rodriguez, Sacramento, CA.

Number 817, 915, 916, Maria Beierlein, Berlin. Visit Maria’s cooking blog, Schmeckt´s, here.

Numbers 824, 825, 826, 895. Cara Crowley, Sacramento, CA. Cara is one of our creative building cohorts, and her delightful website is here.

Numbers 844-849. Coffee Loveapalooza (14 Feb 2012). Reina, Cara, Kim, Quinn and Nicolle. xo

Number 873. Michelle, Orangevale, CA. Michelle’s photography website is here.

Numbers 909, 910, 911. Melissa, Lake County, Illinois. Melissa blogs at  Peanut Butter in My Hair.

Number 914, 942, 943. Paige Layno Winn, Raleigh, NC. Paige blogs about vintage campers (and her goal of restoring one) at ReCamp.

Numbers 933, 934, 935, 936, 982. Andrea Vestergaard, Copenhagen, Denmark. Andrea is my daughter’s best friend (that’s Andrea on the right, and my daughter Alex on the left). She was an exchange student last year and even though she lived around the corner, she was a welcome addition to our family.

951.Tammi Sprigg Korbmaker, West Sacramento CA. Tammi, aka Kitchen Goddess, blogs about vegan cooking, wine and crafts at

962. Kimberly “Kimmik” Gallagher, Detroit, Michigan. Kim’s photography website is here and her Project 365 is here.

963. Kelsey Nuttal. Kelsey is a liberal arts student/barista from Michigan.


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  1. Thanks for including me Kim! Was really cool to read up about everyone. Cheers! xoxo

  2. I like your blog and your project!! I would like to do the same

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