coffee, better not bitter

Welcome to my world, where the internet, photography, coffee, and friends collide in an experiment of 1000 cups of coffee. In 2010 I slogged my way through Project 365 (a photo a day) with a blog called life:served daily. Sometimes inspired, often not, but always entertaining (at least to me). It was a long year and some cheating was required. But I made it.

In October I started imagining Version 2.0. On a rainy Sunday morning I was drinking coffee with two wonderful friends, and I laughed when we all pulled out our cameras to document our lattes before we drank them. These were two of the friends with whom I learned to love fresh, strong coffee…and also learned that it’s best when enjoyed with others.

So here we are…a vision for 1000 cups of coffee. I can’t do it alone, and it wouldn’t be as fun if I did. I would love it if you would join me for a cup. My email is  Send me a photo, a story, and any links you’d like to share. It will be better this way, I promise!

(Illustration  and blog masthead by Steve Barbaria, my main comrade in coffee, business partner and husband.)


19 Responses to “coffee, better not bitter”

  1. i just discovered your site through tammy! how very cool! i love coffee too. my husband and i goes to our favorite coffee shop here, Aspen Coffee Company. I posted a photo+caption a few days ago on my facebook business page =)
    The owner is the kindest gentleman you will ever meet. And they roast their own coffee too =)!/photo.php?fbid=187523227932051&set=a.138320902852284.19406.137181956299512


  2. I love coffee and I love this blog! What a fun idea, maybe I’ll send a photo.

  3. one white chocolate mocha please. love your site

  4. NIce idea! Im another coffee fan & I like your blog…

  5. If you have an RSS feed for this blog I can’t find it. Help! I don’t want to miss a cup!

  6. I love this blog. Coffee and conversation, makes the world go round. Thank you for posting. I will get back to you with a photo and story 😀

  7. :D:D:D:D:D:D Splended idea!

  8. Nice blog! 🙂 I love coffee too. Maybe I’ll send a photo of my cup of coffee too. 🙂

  9. This is so cool blog, entertaining and also link to others flickr’s and blogs. I bookmarked this at the first visit.

  10. Hi! I really love this idea and collection of coffee, photography, and friendship. Did you get to 1000 cups? Need any help? 😉 Seriously …

    • We have more than 200 photos to go, so send ’em over! The faster we finish our coffee, the faster we can move onto the wine course! Thanks!

  11. Hellooooo! So you did a Project 365 eh? I embarked on Project 366 in January this year and so far … I’ve been seriously lagging behind! It is now May and I’ve only done 67 posts to date! How did you cheat in yours? I have 300 more days to go!! Please share your tips!

    • Oh, I did seriously cheat….one time I was at the paint department at Home Depot (we were remodeling our kitchen) and I took ten photos with my iPhone. And lots of coffee, which is what started this. But I was happy I did it, so keep going. And if you lose energy, have a cup of coffee!

  12. I’m so bummed to discover your blog at the end of your 1000 cups, but I’ll look back at your posts and also look forward to your next project.

  13. Wonderful blog! I just discover it and I think that you just got a new fan:) I also love coffee and can’t leave without it a single day, so I also created a blog about coffee and books. And if you don’t mind, I will take this blog as an inspiration. Greets from Kiev-Moscow:)

  14. p.s. by this I mean your blog:) Thank you!


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