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May 2, 2012

next, please

Hey there, we’ll we’ve had our caffeinated celebration after hitting 1000 cups of coffee, then a week of detox, then a quick flurry when Coffee|Served Daily was featured on the WordPress homepage, Freshly Pressed (thanks everyone for your wonderful comments, proof that coffee is loved by many). Now it’s time to transition to something new.

Introducing…Caffeinated|By Design. I’ll still be enjoying my coffee (and your coffee too, if you’d like to send me your lovely coffee photos). This new project will attempt to connect the dots between coffee and design, a caffeinated visual vacation so to speak. I’m combining coffee, design and art…and I suspect cafes, books, typography, signage, bicycles, painted elephants (!), gasp-worthy nature, and general happy making. It’s all connected to coffee, right? There’s only one way to find out…

By the way, the image above is by one of my favorite artists,¬† Edward Hopper.¬†Automat, 1927, Des Moines Art Center, Iowa. She’s already over at the new blog, along with a few friends. Hope to see you there.