1000. heartfelt | thanks for the coffee

Well, here we are at 1000 cups of coffee. We made it! This mosaic was created out of the photos I took along the way, all 300 of them (this may be obvious, but click on the photo to enlarge it). Feel free to use it and share it, wherever good coffee is appreciated. Coffee|Served Daily began as a small idea and morphed into an opportunity to connect, caffeinate and create. Clearly I had no idea what I had signed up for, even if it was just in my imagination.

I envisioned a  project that would enable me to stay connected to a few friends who love coffee and photography. I suspected there were five of us. My friends played along, and then 99 other new caffeinated friends joined in. From all over the world: China, Finland, Italy, Monaco, Germany, England, Malta, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, France, Hong Kong, Turkey, Denmark, Portugal, Iceland, Israel, Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Africa, India, Thailand, Lebanon, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic!  And every corner of the U.S. And my own town of Davis, California, and all neighboring Sacramento. Almost every day coffee photos would show up in my email. Sometimes coffee beans showed up in my real mail (Kathleen!). A Chemex coffee pot (Ann!), a few stellar coffee mugs and artwork, too (Dorothy!).

It was a cacophony of coffee. Always surprising, occasionally overwhelming. Sometimes embarrassing to explain, but usually a pretty cool way to orient my day, and to reach out to others. This is what I learned:

  • I can make it for the long haul. I thought this would take a year. It took almost 16 months. And I didn’t give up (though I did threaten several times).
  • There is always a new way to see an everyday object. This was probably the biggest lesson for me. I took about 300 of the 1000 shots myself, and while I did cheat some, it required that I position my coffee in new light, in a new angle, in a new context. Sometimes I was certain this would be an exercise in futility, and then somehow I discovered a new iPhone app, a forgotten mug, or a hidden corner in my kitchen and backyard, and was able to muster up one more shot.
  • Patience pays. I tried to queue up my shots a week ahead, but sometimes the well ran dry, and I was certain no one would ever contribute again. And just that moment, a fabulous photo, with an even more fabulous story, would pop into my email. How cool was that?
  • Sometimes you have to hand it over. Before I hit 500, I was burning out, and my daughter, Kate, took over and created the Chroma Cafe. I let go (reluctantly), and then she did what she’s been doing for 24 years, she blew me away with her artful vision and execution.
  • Things change. I had many ideas about what I would do here, and I didn’t do any of them. I thought I’d write about the coffee farmers and roasters,  a piece on the homeless and coffee, and so much more on signage and branding. There were going to be t shirts and mugs.  I did take an espresso tasting class, I created a few coffee events, and I met so many awesome people, whom I may actually get to meet in real life someday. Also, if you go back to the beginning, you’ll see how the photos themselves have changed. At first they were about the mugs, but they slowly evolved to being about the coffee. Some people showed up and were active and then they moved on. And with every change, the coffee just got better and better.
  • Coffee connects. Over and over, contributors, readers and friends confirmed this. Coffee is a connector on so many levels. It’s a ritual shared around the world. Those of us who love coffee see the nuances and beauty in every cup, in so many different ways.
  • Good coffee makes a difference. As expensive as coffee is, we don’t pay enough for it. The farmers grow and harvest our precious coffee at a great personal sacrifice, and we should be paying more. So let’s at least be grateful and appreciate a great cup.
  • The internet is a wonderful thing.

And that’s all I have. Thank you for showing up here, for enjoying the coffee and stories, for playing along. I have a new scheme underway, and hope to be ready to share it next week. It’s also caffeinated, so keep drinking and photographing your coffee. And if you start a contributor’s blog of your own, count me in.

It’s been awesome. But now, I need to open a bottle of wine.

Love and coffee, Kim

May 1 Update: Thanks for all of the wonderful comments. It’s great to see so many people loving coffee and a project completed! The new blog is now open, Caffeinated|By Design, where I attempt to connect the dots between coffee, design, art and perhaps the promise of painted elephants. Come visit! And by all means, I will continue to provide a good home for your wonderful coffee photos.


186 Responses to “1000. heartfelt | thanks for the coffee”

  1. Thank YOU for such a wonderful idea, and for allowing us to enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee with you each day. I’ve loved each and every cup that has been shared here. Can’t wait to hear what your next idea is going to be. xoxo.

  2. Thanks Kim, this has been great. A wonderful gift to us all. Words and pictures. You are the best!

  3. Congratulations, Kim! I’ve loved standing by the sidelines and watching this project grow. You Rock, as usual!

  4. Fantastic! It’s been great watching the growth of “coffee served daily” over the past 16 months. Exciting to see how coffee pulled people together from around the world, but I guess coffee has been doing that for centuries. I’ve enjoyed watching your photography develop, exploring the “still life” from every angle. Congrats Kim on a great project. Waiting to see what is coming next. Thank you, and keep going!

  5. Awesome accomplishment, Kim! Glad to be a part of it. cheers!

  6. As usual, you dreamed big and pulled it off. Congrats! I love your idea-generating brain, your artistic eye, your writerly spirit, and of course, I love coffee!

  7. awesome, congrats!! i was happy to be a contributor, and looking back now, wish i had sent you even more shots of my morning ritual 🙂

  8. Cheers Kim! I loved contributing to your wonderful blog. A blog about the love of coffee . . . brilliant!! 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  9. Yay! It was a fantastic idea and beautifully executed. Can’t wait for what’s next

  10. Congratulations KIm! Wow I remember when you were going to start this blog and I thought it was only a year ago. I always LOVED the name and wonder if you are going to continue it. or what is next ..sort of sad to see it go. Great Job! Get some rest. See you soon.

  11. Congratulations! I applaud you for this amazing project! I love your “lessons learned.” So….what’s next? 🙂

  12. Congratulations on the completion of a great project and on a well-deserved spot note on the Freshly Pressed page!

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    Coffee and Thanks!

  14. Congratulation! You truly accomplished an amazing project! And, on top of it all, you are Freshly Pressed! So, double congrats!


  15. Reblogged this on Home is a Lonely Hunter and commented:
    I’ve come across this blog a few times in the last year. What’s better than coffee? A blog dediated to it. Check it out

  16. Thanks for sharing the coffee love! Can’t wait to see what’s next. . . 🙂

  17. Love, Love, Love this. Just discovered this blog, sorry! Been buried in hemiplegic migraines, amongst other things and I can’t drink coffee…major trigger!…yet still I totally agree…totally sold…coffee connects!

    Your coffe heart pulled me in, your words spoke volumes, what can I say?…Great blog!

    Tracey I.

  18. This is such a cool idea…kind of like the gum wrapper belt or the chain letter! but with coffee. Congrats on being FP’d! too bad I must restrict my caffeine intake or I will be sleepless…otherwise, I’d jump on board (:

  19. Wow – so very creative…

  20. Thanks for the lessons learned. It’s been a great cup of coffee.

  21. I am not a coffee drinker, but I family members who are. I do appreciate the post. This is what Freshly Pressed is all about–innovative and fun!
    Happy Pages,

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    A blog about coffee. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  23. This heart was absolutely amazing, – A couple of years ago I started to do something similar with my kids while we were out hiking, during our many walks we collectet stuff, and made a heart of it whenever we took a break, – it could be shells, stones, apples, leaves, flowers etc -We always took a photo of what we made,and now we have an whole album full of hearts 🙂 Love from Norway

  24. This is fantastic. I love drinking coffee and everything that goes along with it. ❤ I have so much respect for this blog.

  25. It’s an interesting concept. Too bad about not getting to write about the coffee farmers though.

  26. mmmmmmm wow, that’s amazing. i’m with you on the coffee love 🙂

  27. Whoa. What an interesting piece of work!

  28. Not only is this an interesting piece of work, it really managed to make my day. I’m an unofficial coffee drinker – I try not to let tea know I’ve been slipping behind my back – and the point behind your project is quite amazing! Not only is it insightful, but I’m especially touched at just how much of a connector coffee is in my life as well. Coffee is truly something that has become synonymous with connection, the exchange of ideas, and just plain old good tasting-ness. Thanks for sharing your vision and I officially hope to learn more about your new scheme. I hope I can be onboard and will get my postage ready to send coffee beans and mugs or whatever this new scheme centers around.

    Cheers to coffee, connecting, and being unique!


  29. I can relate! Being a caffeine-addict with a serious coffee-drinking problem and high blood pressure–I need to open a bottle of wine now, too–or better yet, beer!

  30. Ah… I love coffee 🙂

  31. I enjoyed this – while drinking my coffee.

  32. What a fun and interesting project. Coffee is a must have for me and I often mention it in my blog. I even photographed my coffee maker for a post once. This was a nice way to appreciate it and everything it represents; from a friendly cuppa Joe to the great equalizer – work – pleasure – ice breaker – morning necessity. Well said & good to the last drop!

  33. I’m going to share this post and the picture everywhere! I’m a coffee disciple myself. *big grin*

  34. Such a fun concept, regardless of whether you’re a coffee-lover or not (but I am)! Hm, what could be your next item to track?
    Thanks for writing!

  35. Love it….reading this while having my afternoon coffee.

  36. Love this……reading while having my afternoon coffee.

  37. came across your blog today on Freshly Pressed. so glad i did…i LOVE coffee!!! coffee has always been my beverage of choice. i am your newest follower. can’t wait to see what your next topic to follow will be.

  38. Congrats on both 1000 and being fresh pressed.
    What better celebration than to have a cuppa Joe.

  39. I’m not a coffee drinker but this is a fun idea. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. You stuck with it and it paid off! Looking forward to seeing the new project.

  40. Congratulations and well done!

  41. It is a good thing cops don’t test for blood caffeine content because I would be in trouble on a daily basis. Viva coffee and congratulations on reaching your goal. Best of luck to you with all your future endeavors.

  42. That’s beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing this

  43. What a wonderful project! I LOVE this and coffee!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    ♥ Love and light ♥

    ~ Jennifer

  44. Coffee is one of my all-time addictions…and I loved the idea behind this blog, more so because it involves coffee in such a novel way ! Awesome idea. Congratulations on accomplishing what you had started off with…and on being Freshly Pressed! Great work! 🙂

  45. Wow – what a fantastic project. I’ve only just come across it and I love it! I can’t wait to see what the next project is.

  46. Wow, that is such an innovative idea. I don’t drink coffee, but I love the smell of it. This project just may make me give it a second try.

  47. This warmed my heart! Awesome stuff! 😀 Stay creative and stay awesome xoxo

  48. Applaud you for your beautiful projects…i love coffee very much

  49. very cool… a real labour of love.

  50. nice article about coffee!

  51. Great collection. The end result looks really impressive – a work of art!

  52. I’m a coffee lover myself and this is a cool project.

  53. WOW! I love it. I have printed your coffee heart and placed it on my wall behind my kettle. This will make me appreciate coffee more…Thank you for sharing the love of your coffee 😉

  54. So inspiring. I am hoping to do something similar with train tickets as I travel 700 miles per week for my daughter’s education. I wonder if she would appreciate it as an art piece. Truly Inspirational. Thank You!

  55. Congratulations!

    I`m happy I participated.

    Inspired I think to launch my own project called Spotted! about muffins and cupcakes!

    Thank you once again!

  56. Coffee kudos to you, from 2 baristas in the Netherlands. 🙂 Awesome idea!

  57. wow, incredible, congratulations! Funny that I should discover your project at the end… after so much hard / fun work and so much success. How did you get the ball rolling… before anyone was “watching” how did you build such an amazing following?

    Good luck with your next project!

    • Thanks for the nice note. I started by sending notes to all of my friends, and I also reached out to coffee photographers on Flickr. In February the blog was featured on Freshly Pressed, and from there on out it was just word of mouth. It was fun…sometimes overwhelming, but usually fun!

  58. “Coffee connects.” So very, very true. I have had some of the best conversations of my life over a long cup of coffee. Congratulations to you on 1000 cups, and being Freshly Pressed!

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    I still think coffee is gross, but fancy…

  60. I drink at least 2 cups of coffee daily. Maybe I should do something like this too, a scrapebook of coffee photos 🙂 Great post & congrats on the 1000th cup!

    – a coffee lover.

  61. great post! hi from another coffee lover from Croatia:)

  62. i`m so happy. this wonderful project! i love this & coffe!!! thank you so much

  63. Whoa! Awesome Kim, Congrats!

  64. This is so great! Thank you for sharing. I especially love the point you make about “coffee connects”! This is exactly the point I make in my own blog “If Coffee Could Talk” (http://ifcoffeecouldtalk.com)…. there’s something about coffee and environments surrounding the common drink that brings us all together. Planning to reblog this soon. All good wishes to you!

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    I love your mosaic!

    I was reading coffee when I opened this blog. Coffee really is amazing!

  66. You sure do love your cup of coffee, don´t you. What a great way of sharing that love with the world.

  67. Awesome idea but what software did you use to get the heart shaped collage of all the coffee pictures? again aweseome idea!!!

  68. Reblogged this on A Regular Pakistani Teenager's space and commented:
    AAAAAhhhhhh!!! I love the pic!!! And the idea! God! It’s awesome!

  69. Bravo! Here’s to many more coffees in the coming years!

  70. Congratulations….and wow, what a great idea and a beautiful blog! Very inspiring to a new blogger like me who is just starting out.

  71. Perdonar por mi incultura idiomática. Vivo en Madrid-España y no soy capaz de comunicarme en otras lenguas.
    En cuando al café, deciros que un buen café solo es, junto al sexo, los únicos momentos en los que gozo sobremanera.

  72. Such a brilliant concpet. From a coffee addict I think it is amazing. I bet it was a pleasure from drinking every of those cups of coffee!

  73. What a fantastic post on 1000 cups of coffee!!!! I have reposted some of your post and added a link back to you for them to hear the rest of your story. Congratulations on all your hard work!!! Tremendous!!

  74. So glad this was freshly pressed–I love the idea of this project and I cannot wait to explore your photos!

  75. Super creativo, me ha gustado mucho.

  76. Lovely coffee mosaic. If you ever need any more photos in the future just ask. I was off coffee for years, but started drinking again 3 years ago. I had never noticed the subtle flavor differences between coffees before. Glad I can really appreciate a good cup and that sometimes you do get what you pay for.

  77. First and foremost, I think congratulations are in order, so, CONGRATS! It’s mindbogglingly wonderful to see something so simple as coffee being so connective and used for a whole different purpose altogether! As a fervent lover of all sorts of coffee, I condone this! I think it’s a great achievement and more of this sort should be fun to expect! Thanks for a great post, and for completing an even greater challenge altogether! Kudos to you!

  78. What a nifty idea! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!!

  79. I’m so sad I only found this after it was Freshly Pressed. I’m a barista and I absolutely love the idea of this. I just wish I’d been around to witness your journey here.

  80. THIS is amazing!! Thanks for being the inspirational start to my day 🙂

  81. What a clever idea! Love this! What’s next?

  82. It’s quite amazing what a simple cup of coffee can do — being UNITED for a common passion and for the love of coffee. Imagine if we apply this on a large scale for a common good, the world will be a whole lot better 😉 Thanks for this, Kim! 😉

  83. You have coffee down to a science! Time to go look at your pictures (:

  84. It’s a shame we didn’t find this blog sooner. What a wonderful idea and brilliant execution! Way to stick through and make it to your goal! You deserve all the congratulations you’ve received, and everyone at CoffeeAM raises their coffee mugs to you!

  85. Great collection.. Got in the mood of coffee now after zooming in on 300 pics of coffee

  86. OMG! I love your coffee blog. I am so addicted to coffee it is completely out of control. What a great idea and wonderful collage you created here. Thank you for sharing with me (everyone LOL). Excellent find today. Glad we found each other.

  87. A truely interesting read, maybe it is that I too share a love for coffee but reading this entire journy has proven itself most interesting, can’t wait to see what you come up with next

  88. Good one there! Cool project and I guess it helps that you made an addiction (mine at least!) into something useful and fun! 🙂

  89. Reblogged this on the Design Room journal and commented:
    I’ve been contributing photos of cups of coffee at this virtual coffee morning over the past year… It’s been lovely to have been a part of it, thank you Kim!

  90. come over and join YOUR MORNIN COFFEE

  91. That is nice. I need a cup of coffee because today is very cloudy and raining. I feel fatigue I need to keep my energy.

  92. Thanks to Freshly Pressed I can now learn all about your coffee adventure. I’m brewing a cup right now so I can sip as I read!

  93. this is amazing! i love the concept. plus the fact that you connected with lots of people from other parts of the world. that is quite an achievement. i’m looking forward to your next big idea. 😉

  94. As a new blogger 95 weeks in) I am amazed at what one can find here in the world of blogs … sadly I missed most of your 1000 cups but hey am happy to follow up on what is next (maybe tea???)

  95. There are two things that I cannot live without, Love and Coffee!!!!!

  96. How absolutely wonderful!! Having been a barista in Seattle (as were our son and daughter!) – and being Norwegian, to boot! – I absolutely love this idea!! Yes, coffee is a great connector – whether chatting over a cuppa Joe or connecting with fellow coffee lovers!

  97. Good job on your project I’m impressed. You deserve to be a freshly pressed. So good luck on your next projects in changing other people’s lives into something better 🙂

  98. I missed your 1000 cups,but will check your new project immediately-I love drinking coffee

  99. Congrats on being FP! And good luck on your fun-filled coffee journey. I’m so curious I must ask, how did you make the great coffee collage? I love it and have wanted to do something similar with rose photos. Is it possible with an iPhone app?

  100. The picture is awesome and thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from another coffee addict 😉

  101. That is wonderful! I’m from Colombia so I love coffeee!!!

  102. Very interesting concept and project! Coffee now = art.

  103. I love it ! this blog is great!!!

  104. Reblogged this on livingleanandinthegreen and commented:
    This is an awesome blog! Go check it out!

  105. great, nice picture and story ! keep posting..

  106. Well congrats on being Freshly Pressed and the completion of your project, I am sad that I am only just now finding out about this but I am also excited about checking out your new blog and I hope that you will check out mine!


  107. Thank you for sharing your story, and your amazing art. 🙂

  108. What a really wonderful idea! I like that you stuck with it despite the set-backs, and I’m sure there were many moments when you wondered why you ever decided to start this. I’m an extremely skilled procastinator, and what’s worse, I tend to run out of steam mid-way through a project so I’m doubly handicapped when it comes to pushing through to the end. I love beautiful, simple close-ups of everyday items too, so I really enjoyed this. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  109. Reblogged this on inhale, type, exhale – yoga for the perpetually busy and commented:
    This person loves coffee more than boyfriend and I combined!

  110. I love coffee! Even though it was a tough project I bet you’re glad you finished it off right?

  111. Wow what a creative and innovative project. Kudos to you for completing it and producing such a motivational post!!

  112. Congrats! You have a wonderful blog and inspired me to start writing again. A little coffee, a few words, and some inspiration for my day. Thank you, and wish you the best on your next project.

  113. “I dont have a problem with caffeine, l have a problem without it”
    Such a cute idea, l love it! From another coffee adict in Australia


  114. it’s a beautiful project 🙂 following the new blog and looking forward to new posts and photos!

  115. Fun idea, and congrats on your freshly pressed!

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    One for the #coffeefairy methinks… :-))

  117. I love coffee too. Nice to see and read this blog 🙂

  118. This is pretty neat and cool. I hope your future projects are just as awesome. Very moving.

  119. I’ve spent the last demi-hour drooling over your café photography. I always stumble upon the good things once they are over.

  120. I had to chuckle at the thought of your coffee blog being “freshly pressed” 🙂

  121. Reblogged this on 8BIT.

  122. Wow Nice art

  123. What a wonderful idea! My compliments on your persistance and completing the project! Lovely, lovely photos! 🙂

  124. this was SUCH a lovely read! my worst regret is to have only joined in the fun on your thousandth cup! BUT I shan’t be dismayed… I am exhilarated to be a part of Caffeinated By Design.

    with much love,

  125. What a cool project! I’m sorry I am just finding out about it now. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  126. Really awesome idea! I love, love, love Coffee too – by the way! 🙂

  127. Hi
    What a great post. I too am a coffee lover, the more coffee the better… Keep up the good work..

  128. A truly outstanding post. Just would like to inform you that i have nominated you for a *sunshine award*. Kindly check out my blogpost at http://wp.me/p1qeBC-gL for more details on what you have to do. You can take the pic from my blogpost.

    thanks and good wishes :-)))))

  129. LOVE — everything about this!

  130. This is a great coffee collage 🙂 Great work. Tamara

  131. I LOVE Coffee .. Nice Blog 🙂

  132. Reblogged this on vinylphishrecords and commented:
    Coffee is in my blood… literally.

  133. Reblogged this on charibels and commented:
    I might not notice it, but coffee is a big part of my life.

  134. great idea! love it! i have done a post about the BEST cappuccino in Florence called Cappuccino Alla Cavalli..have you ever had theirs? amaaaazing!

  135. Reblogged this on mageandraven and commented:
    Amazing art work from the culmination of the Coffee Served Daily Blog – such a simple idea for a ‘project blog’ which became a fabulous place to visit and participate in. I will be following the new blog http://caffeinatedbydesign.com/ with close interest!

  136. Sad I didnt catch a cup before it had all gone!!! Will be following your new blog immediately. Aalid.

  137. I don’t drink coffee but definitely love your work: art and passion!

  138. Reblogged this on Simonhamer's Blog and commented:
    Where would the Western World be without it ?

  139. AMAZING!!!

  140. I’m more of a tea person personally but I absolutely love the idea of this project and can’t wait to backtrack and check everything out! And check out your new blog too!

  141. Awesome work Kim. A beautiful project!

  142. Great image here. I think this technique could be applied to a lot of different things. Did you create the image randomly or use a template? Conglomerates can have such an impact, visually and otherwise. Blogging our life’s experience has such a chance of turning into much more. I wonder why more people don’t do it? 🙂 Cheers!

    • Thanks for your note. I used an app at shapecollage.com. There is also another neat one (the one we used for coffee cup 500) called Mosaix. Have fun.

      • Thanks for the link. That might be fun to play with personally OR professionally. I’m just breaking into graphic design…heeheehee…like a thief. 😉 Or, like Santa!! 😀 Cheers!

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    Another caffeinated (ehem!) bumped into a group of interesting caffeinateds! Haha!

  144. Yep, it is amazing. (but heck, so is coffee!)

  145. Everytime I travel, I explain to the people I meet how I make coffee. Cause being Italian, they want to know how it’s done here. I feel the same about tea though. When I’m in the UK i always try to get someone to teach me how to have it the British way!

  146. I love how analgous this is to our real life as well. Especially the be patient part. Thank you ever so much.



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