998. best for last | sally

We’re on the home stretch to coffee cup 1000, and we’re celebrating with some of our favorite contributors. My caffeinated friends have made this journey more fun than I ever could have imagined. Thank you for joining me, all of you. I owe each of you a favor, or five…think about it and we’ll talk about it over a cup of coffee.

Sally Mitchell, Cornwall, UK. Sally is also a designer and her studio Design Room Cornwall Ltd. She’s contributed 17 cups of coffee (numbers 267, 646, 647, 688,724, 726-730 (London Calling series), 78o, 862, 882, 913, 937, 946, 947, 969. )  She also sends me other coffee-designy things, which usually find their way here. Sally is a wonderful photographer and to get a view of her life, check out her Project 365 blog  here. Sally, before you, I thought of England as tea or beer. Forever changed, in a good way!


2 Comments to “998. best for last | sally”

  1. Gorgeous design and looks delicious, too!

  2. I see some amazing foam in this pic! I love this blog idea, and I love LOVE the pic! As soon as I get new ink in my printer I am soooo printing it off to hang on my wall! As a coffee freak, mocha addict, and former owner of an espresso bar, this all really spoke to me. Thanks for your hard work.

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