981. laverne

Let me be clear, Laverne and I are not friends. She is the neighborhood cat who began visiting us last summer. She started by simply startling me (and giving me the heebie jeebies every time). Then she tried to make things better by bringing us freshly killed mice. I think she brought us about 8 in one week. Sometimes still moving. Now she just hangs out here, and shows up every time I am in the yard. I have no idea why she bothers me so much. She’s about the same size as our old cat, Mocha (who I kind of loved). She is a fine, designery and somewhat aesthetically pleasing color of black…but she just annoys the heck out of me. After last week’s rain I went out to check the garden, and there she was…in my coffee picture! At least she had the good sense to pose.


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