938. cinnamon sprinkled

Janine Graf, Redmond, WA.

“Here’s one I took yesterday of my cappuccino at Olive Garden (which tasted more like a latte; I like my cappuccino’s dry) . . . and now that I think about it, what’s with the whipped cream on top???!!!  Cappuccinos DON’T have whipped cream!  Oh my gosh it’s so funny that I’m just now realizing this the next day!”

With or without, it’s a lovely photo…as long as we know there is coffee underneath (that’s the real treat, eh?)

Janine runs the Flickr Group, Caffeine Nation. Her Flickr photostream is here and her photo Facebook page is here.  Janine also sells 5×5 art prints of her fabulous coffee photos. Check out her shop here.


3 Comments to “938. cinnamon sprinkled”

  1. Thanks Kim! Still laughing over not noticing the whipped cream! 🙂

  2. Even though it doesn’t sound like a cappuccino, it looks beautiful and tasty! I was surprised to see that it’s an Olive Garden coffee.

  3. ive definitely had experiences like that. places like this just give u whatever. its like putting lipstick on a pig! if you cant make foam tell me! oy…

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