918. grounding out

Jussi Laitinen, Helsinki, Finland.

“I was ordering an espresso a pretty high valued/quality place, and there is much talk about coffees there. So clearly I must visit, and we (my better half and I) took cappuccinos and I also took an espresso. What a disappointment, when their blend was too dark and quite non-flavored. Espresso had grounds at the bottom of cup, this made me wonder  how often they clean up the machines. So last time there, ’cause there is plenty of cheaper and much more better quality coffee cups near.”

Hey Jussi, I hate to see you have to taste all of these sorry caps alone. Why don’t I bop on over to Helsinki and help you with some of the heavy lifting? Heh!


Jussi is a home barista  and blogs (in Finnish) at nonsesopedia.


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