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December 14, 2011

coffee break | holiday style

Hey coffee lovin’ friends, I am going to take a short holiday break from coffee blogging. Just enough time to pay attention to my other life, collect some new photos, see if that pesky blog-spambot will leave me alone and get re-caffeinated and re-inspired. I’ll be back after the new year to post 760-1000 (that’s only 240 more!!). Please keep sending me your coffee photos ( and I will queue them up. And…thank you for hanging with me this year. May your holidays been fully caffeinated, merry and bright. See you on the flip side.

December 14, 2011

759. merry and bright

Nicolle Weseman, Fort Worth, TX. Nicolle shares her coffee and tales of motherhood at Boyd’s Crazy Mama.

December 13, 2011

758. balancing

Kim, from Mosey Along. San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

“Dragging a dark cloud around with me, I found balance today just when I needed it most, stirring my coffee in a café and dimly aware of someone stirring their own drink beside me, my peripheral vision knowing I was being studied by someone who looked like a certain jolly old elf. When I slid my eyes his direction, he said “I was stirring the other direction so we could balance the universe.”


December 13, 2011

757. san remo

Quinn Pendleton, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Quinn is traveling again…

“We were lucky enough to have the weekend off, so Ediz and I took off to San Remo, about 40 minutes outside of Monaco. We had an amazing lunch at a little pizzeria and of course Cappuccino in the old Port. Let’s not forget the amazing shopping which followed…”

Quinn is a dancer living in Monaco and blogs about her travels and life as a dancer with Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo here.



December 12, 2011

756. keeping up, just barely

Is it just me, or are the days way faster in December?

December 9, 2011

755. a texas treat

Nicolle Weseman, Fort Worth, TX.

Boyd and I went to visit my mom in Granbury, Texas. It’s about an hour south of us. We shopped on their town square, and I had a chocolate covered cherry cappuccino. It was amazing and the coffee shop was adorable.”

Nicolle shares her coffee and tales of motherhood at Boyd’s Crazy Mama.

December 8, 2011

754. and even later that same day

Proposal writing at the studio. Coffee included in the deliverables.

December 8, 2011

753. later that same morning

The trio in waiting.

December 8, 2011

752. crafting with coffee

The holiday elves are quite busy this year, and quite frankly, are making a mess on my kitchen table. They also demand lots of coffee. And they don’t clean up after themselves. Really, what’s the point of having elves if they don’t clean the kitchen?

December 7, 2011

751. bubbly

Tonya Russ Price, Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Greetings from Sunflour Bakery, Charlotte, NC. The counter girl thought I was bizarre. Imagine that.”

Tonya is a wedding photographer with two blogs, Poprock Photography (weddings) and Biscuit Fan Club (food).