668. with hunter s. thompson

Jordan Groh, Ansan, South Korea

“my wonderful friend natalie is the one responsible for my careful following of your blog. her time is done in korea, but i stick around. everyday, my students come in and say either “oh, teacher! coffee… very delicious smell!” or “ah, teacher! everyday!” it fills my mornings and my evenings, perhaps more in a relaxed fashion past sunset though.

this photo is at a shop called “coffee hada.” the verb 하다 is the most basic form of “to do.” so, in my head, i think the owner means “doing coffee” or “to do coffee,” but the sign in english only says “coffee do.” all aside, it’s by far the best cup of coffee in ansan, south korea. we’re a short bit of thirty miles southwest of seoul, but i enjoy living here far more. it’s full of hills, river marshes, dirt trails, and a much quieter pace than seoul. and by quieter pace, you should think “chicago is quieter than seoul.” love it here!”

This showed up in my inbox the moment I was thinking to myself, “why am I doing this coffee project… it’s going to take forever to get to 1000 cups.” And this story (and the photo, of course) is exactly why I do it!


One Comment to “668. with hunter s. thompson”

  1. Love it Jordan! Love that you submitted a little something to this gem of a blog….thanks for the Korea fix ^^

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